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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Congrats to Nikon

It's good to see Nikon getting recognition for what has been an excellent year or so for them design-wise.

After jumping out to an early lead in digital SLRs with the D1, Canon had pretty much cleaned their clock with more innovative models in recent years. Their pro-level models are excellent, and are second to none in ergonomics and logical ease-of-use. However, the lower models in the range, while good performers, lacked the breadth of the Canon line.

But beginning with the release of the D200 about 18 months ago, Nikon has been on quite a roll, introducing winnner after winner with the D80, D50 and now the diminutive but great performing D40. All of the new models have been extremely well reviewed and have resulted in much improved financial performance for Nikon as well. There's nothing like stiff competition between number one (Canon) and number two (Nikon) to fuel innovation and keep the price/feature relationship moving in the right direction.


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