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Friday, December 22, 2006

Some questions to ponder...

...while continuing to wonder why anyone still listens to a old socialist, America-hating fool like Jimmy Carter.
So, how is it that nobody else ever seems to get called on the carpet for their lies and exaggerations? How is it, for instance, that every liberal from Ted Kennedy to Jesse Jackson can get away with pretending that American blacks are still living like slaves, and that four decades after the Civil Rights Act, the only thing keeping blacks out of the cotton fields are Democrats in Washington?
Can you think of a single human being who has been on the wrong side of more issues in the past thirty years?
And, finally, how is it that Jimmy Carter, that sanctimonious phony who was a disaster during his four years in the White House and a disgrace in the quarter of a century since, can pass himself off as equal parts statesman and saint? While most of us wished that he would simply slink back to his peanut farm after Ronald Reagan whupped his butt in ?80, we hadn?t realized how starved he was for the spotlight.
Please Jimmy, do us all a favor in this season of joy and reconciliation. Go back to Plains, teach Sunday school, build the occaisional Habitat house and never, ever speak or write publicly again. That is all.


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