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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Addressing the problem

I'm still not a fan of their editorial POV, but it's good to see Reuters trying to do something about the serious problems they've had with doctored photos.
Tom Glocer, chief executive officer of Reuters, has announced that his wire service is working with Canon and Adobe to create a system that will allow photo editors to view an audit trail of changes made to a digital image. The record of editing changes will be permanently embedded in the image file itself.
This is something that's sorely needed in the digital photography age. It's simply too easy to alter a photo and, if you're any good with Photoshop, probably get away with it. At least initially. Fortunately, the more egregious incidents have been uncovered by enterprising internet readers doing the job Reuters' editors should have been doing.

Tx, Rob Galbraith


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