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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

When pigs cars fly

If you've watched any kind of sporting event on national television in the last couple of weeks, you've probably seen the commercial in which the Chevy cars and trucks that are stuck in traffic levitate 40 or 50 feet above all of the other cars. They then speed off in airborne "lanes" reminiscent of something out of Star Wars.

Upon seeing this, my wife's comment was, "They can hardly make cars that drive. Like I'm going to get in one that flies."

Disregarding her usual snarkiosity, the comment says something about the low regard in which GM products are held. My wife drives a five year old Toyota Avalon that she loves. It's been a wonderful car with virtually no problems.

I don't know the last time she's even ridden in a Chevy, let alone whether she's driven one or not. But until they do something to improve the quality of their cars (and, more important, the public perception of that quality), GM's road to profitability will be long and bumpy.


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