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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Uh oh.

Aircraft crashes into highrise apartment building on east side of Manhattan on 71st street at the river.

Watching Fox as I type. FAA just confirmed that this is a fixed wing aircraft flying VFR (visual flight rules), not under air traffic control rules. According to Shepherd Smith and one of their correspondents who is on the scene (and is also a pilot) it is possible for a pilot of a small plane to fly up the East River without supervision depending on LaGuardia traffic. Hard to believe that is still allowed in this day and age.

A witness characterized the plane's activity before the crash as looking like "acrobatics". Another reporter noted the presence not of the usual yellow police tape around the area, but orange hazmat tape. Hopefully just a precaution given obvious concerns in a case like this.

The over/under for how long before someone blames this on Karl Rove in order to benefit Republicans in the election is currently running at eleven minutes.

MORE: FDNY confirms at least two dead so far with people trapped in the building above the fire.

MORE: Amazing. About 40 minutes after the crash, FDNY reports the main source of fire has been extinguished. Still some flames visible, but clearly not what it was at first. Already hundreds of NYPD and FDNY personnel on the scene. Situation just raised to 4 alarms.

MORE: DOJ says this is probably just an accident. However, NORAD has scrambled fighters over most major cities. Note was made that this is 10/11. Not sure there's any significance there, but the thought had occurred to me before it was pointed out on the tube.

MORE: It's now 3:45 eastern time and the fire appears to be out. No more smoke coming from the building and S&R people are combing the building. Fox reports the first floors of the building are taken up by a "special surgery" hospital. Everything above is condominiums.

The DOW dove over 70 points at the first report of the crash, but has mostly recovered since, now down only about 20 points as it seems to be the result of an accident.


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