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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yahoo is thinking of you!

So I'm minding my own business last night, logging in to check my email while watching someone who claims to be Brett Favre muck up yet another game on national television. When will the commentators realize that the guy on the screen last night hasn't been 'Brett Favre', the one they lionize ad nauseum, since about 2001?

Anyway, my default home page is set to as ATT/Yahoo is my ISP. When the screen pops up, this is what I'm greeted with:

"Tell Hillary Clinton: How we can prevent breast cancer? The senator wants to hear answers from you."

Where does one begin to deconstruct the stupidity (and transparency) of this little venture? It's hard to know. Let's just dive right in then, shall we?

First, does Yahoo think that they have an unusual number of research oncologists viewing their home page on Monday nights? Have these enterprising physicians recently had a breackthrough such that they are now able to actually advise women how to avoid contracting breast cancer? If so, why haven't I seen this splashed across the front pages of the dinosaur press?

While all of this would, naturally, be wonderful news, why is Senator Clinton appealing to the good people at Yahoo to help her divine this kind of information. Surely someone of her position and influence would be able to find out how to avoid breast cancer from some of the fine medical institutions in the great state of New York. Could it be that she's appealing to the public for down-home, homeopathic medical advice to include in the next NIH funding bill?

No, I don't think it's any of those things. It certainly isn't something useful like reinforcing the importance of women performing regular breast self-exams and getting mammograms in order to catch problems early.

Pardon my cynical side popping up in October of an even numbered year, but this is a public service annoucement by our friends at Yahoo to let us know that Democrats really do care about us. How timely! Especially since the election is only four weeks from today!!

Thanks, Yahoo. Gosh, it's nice to know you have our best interests at heart. I'm sure that the Chinese version of the home page has an equally flattering photo of Hu Jintao with the command, "Tell President Hu which of your neighbors is insufficiently loyal to the communtist ideal: The president wants to hear answers from you."


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