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Friday, September 22, 2006

I've been a little negligent

It's been pointed out to me that given the name of this little narcissistic enterprise, there's been precious little in the way of actual yelllow dog-related posting. Bowing (bow-wowing?) to popular pressure, I'll introduce the beasts that inhabit my home, share my food and make life generally chaotic.

Allow me to introduce thing three. That's right, we currently have three yellow labs in casa de YDB. Why? Because last Christmas, snookums decided that what I really needed was a new puppy to go with our two fully grown, relatively well-trained and decidedly low maintenance labs. So, she contacted the breeder from whom we got our first lab (you'll meet him later) to arrange for another yellow male.

I went along with this grudginly. Snookums said that she and my son would train the pup (um, yeah). That he wouldn't be any trouble at all (right). And that it wouldn't be a broblem for our other two furry tenants.

Along with the attendant hassles of bringing up a puppy and the fact that no sane family needs three large dogs, my biggest concern was the effect a new pup would have on our oldest lab, thing one. Since the day we picked him up from the breeder, he's been the love of my life. He's now 11+ years old, has arthritis in most of his joints and is very definitely set in his ways. I didn't want to make his life unnecessarily difficult by introducing a new dog to the mix.

Well, snookums talked to our saintly veterinarian (who long ago was given instructions that he was to do whatever he needed to do to ensure that thing one never dies) about the prospect of a new addition to the herd and he said that thing one should be able to weather the storm.

So... we picked up thing three in late January when he was about 12 weeks old. The photo above was taken at about 4 months of age. This one was taken at about the same time. He's now nine months old and you can imagine what has happened. Snookums' nefarious plan worked perfectly. I proceeded to fall in love with this one just like I did with things one and two. The evil genious!

Intros to things one and two coming soon.


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