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Thursday, February 10, 2005

There but for the grace of God...

Who among us hasn't been tempted to do the same thing?

The customer (Christopher Lame - I won't touch that) gets his order from the drive-through window, notices it's (naturally) wrong and takes the time to pull over and go inside, offending taco in hand. What kind of response does he get? The smart-ass behind the counter asks if he has his receipt.

Doing a slow burn, Lame goes back out to his car to bring the entire bag back for her inspection. She then tells him that the store is closing. In other words, "take a hike and eat what we give you." Nice treatment of a valued customer from a courteous Taco Hell associate who just wants her customers to be, you know, happy.

Now, I don't condone the launching of fast food (not at people, anyway) and I don't know if Iowa is a right-to-carry state, but Ms. Harrison should probably be thanking her lucky stars that the only thing that flew at her head was a chalupa.


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